Cree Hunters of Mistassini (1974) – docu chronicling a group of three Cree families from the Mistassini region of Quebec, as they set up a winter hunting camp. The film explores the beliefs and the ecological principles of the Cree people [00:58:04]

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Not everyday I see my Mums home town mentioned… anywhere. Wonderful country up around Lac St Jean. And if you’re lucky enough to make the drive in the fall, wow, the colours are incredible.


I lived in Mistassini and used to show this video to my students!


Anyone know any other good Native American (sorry if that’s not the appropriate naming, I’m from the UK and insure) documentaries? My wife is really interested in learning about the society/culture/traditions? We will give this one a watch but wondered if there were any other good ones to check out?


I’ve watched this one before. I love it!


That’s funny, I’m from SK and we have a fair amount of Cree people here; we also have a place called Mistisunne.