FAA safety engineer goes public to slam the agency’s oversight of Boeing’s 737 MAX

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Jacobsen argues that the plane would be safer if Boeing simply removed altogether the new software — the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) — that went wrong in the two crashes that killed 346 people.


It’s funny how big companies always try these cost cutting strategies to save money but often end up costing them even more in the long run. Never put safety in the hands of business people…


General question – is all media in the USA this big on mentioning Jesus/Christianity? I thought the article was fine but the sudden paragraphs about God, the Bible etc were a bit weird. >Eg His decision to come forward now at the end of a 36-year career as an aerospace engineer followed a deepening of his Christian faith. A year ago, he began a practice of fasting and praying for several hours every Friday. > >In his Bible reading he was struck by Isaiah 57, in which a wrathful God denounces those who prosper while “the righteous perish,” and is “enraged by their sinful greed.” and >This year, fired up by a newly intense commitment to Christianity, regretful that he wasn’t more assertive internally before the second crash, and moved by the anger and frustration of the families of those who died, Jacobsen decided that wasn’t enough.


Why does every article have to use “slam”?


Im reading this thinking “oh sure, do the checklist.” Right, the checklist, the plane is doing 431mph straight to the ground and the controls arent responding, and that’s an apartment complex we are hurtling towards, hey, look, they’re watching Netflix in apartment 710.. Do the checklist real quick.