Fifty year olds of reddit, what do you know at fifty that you wish you knew at forty?

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Make yourself as strong, lean and flexible as possible. Your body is going to start failing you. You have a better chance at delaying this or being able to recover if you are fit. Otherwise, the slope just gets slipperier. Also, for those with perfect vision, hah, no. For those with imperfect vision, haha, it gets much worse. And menopause hits every woman differently. Not necessarily The death of your personhood


Time doesn’t stop at forty. It accelerates. My pride of never needing glasses came to an abrupt progressive lenses end. It’s ok to still go out and enjoy yourself, but if you shut the bar down, it’s going to hurt a lot. Regular sleep schedule, even on weekends, becomes essential. What you eat becomes vastly more important and very quickly apparent when you eat poorly. Sex gets amazing because all your youthful shame and inhibitions are long since gone. You should’ve started preparing for the cost of your kid’s college education a lot earlier. Acquaintances are not the same as friends. I’ve become far more set in my ways. My openness to new things seems to become less and less. Women my age, even with a few extra pounds and some lines around the eyes are sexy as fuck. When your kids turn into adults, it’s pretty fucking great. You go from protecting this helpless little kid, to teen confidante and advisor, to good friend. If you haven’t “made it” by now, however you define that, you probably won’t. Accept your life and enjoy the pleasures it offers. Friends, family, and human touch are all free.


Wish I’d invested more and let compound interest do the heavy lifting.


Careful, sitting on your balls is suddenly going to be a thing to worry about. Seriously though, the only thing I wish I knew at 40 was how happy I’d be leaving the city a few years back. I’d still not have been able to leave sooner (was a plan in progress & on a schedule) but any worry I had about missing the big city could have been completely put to bed. Now here as an old man living in the woods this is the closest to “happy” that I’ve ever been.


Alcohol is poison, and screws up your body.