Financial Securities Transaction Taxes

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I can’t remember the number when I read about this, but I think the revenue increase will be substantial enough that it is disingenuous to call it “small”. Whether or not it’s worth it is subjective, but either way, I don’t think anyone will have enough information to have an informed opinion until after it’s implemented. Also, this sentence right in the abstract: > Our evidence suggests that there is no significant relation between the level of an STT and volatility of portfolios. Seems to directly contradict one of your main points.


I see this as a shot at retail. The big players will have loopholes, we will be stuck


Is there a stated reason why derivatives would be taxed at a different rate than stock transactions?


I think this would be suicide for States to try and implement on a local level but if done properly at the federal level – and properly executed – it could work. Issue is to properly execute it you would need an act of god to get that through congress without loopholes big money interests could exploit which largely reduces an FTT down to an academic argument.


This is how it starts. Just a little and in less then 5 years it will be 3 or 4%