Finding funds where managers have skin in the game

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Morningstar has that info for actively managed funds. Look at the “People” section of the fund in question.


This may have to do with fund type. Venture, hedge and private equity funds almost always have GPs with significant skin in the game.


Have a look at Manchester and London Investment Trust – Mark Sheppard the fund manager owns over half the trust, over £100m, so in effect you could call it a family investment vehicle, where their goals are closely aligned with ours. Edit: full disclosure – I own 100 shares of MNL.


I suck at picking winners. Just gonna buy VOO for the rest of my life.


I really feel like that is due to- “I can do better then them, and I keep all the profits”. Probably leaning to their company strategy and trading privately. I have 2 good aquitences who did that( but they were lower lvl guys)