“God given talent”

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It’s like that old joke where priest admires farmer’s land that he had developed from wasteland to good pasture and says how great was god. To which farmer replies: “You should have seen it when god took care of it before me”


As an artist, if you want to make money you need to pick your battles. Those comments in no way diminish your personal accomplishments. My wife is a full time artist, and an atheist…we laugh at those comments..and move on. EDIT: you could also take up themes that offend those kinda of people, that’ll probably stop the ‘god given talent’ comments.


Just look at it this way: YOU are god. There ya go.


I once went to India on a voluntary project to perform highly skilled maintenance projects on aircraft, I was an aircraft mechanic. I took a couple of pictures from when I went to the local school to donate some supplies and play with the kids. My dumbass fundie Dad posted one of those pictures on FB and wrote “praise God, my daughter came back from her mission trip to India” I responded to the comment “Thanks, glad I’m back safe too, but just to clarify, I wasn’t on a mission trip and I didn’t go to prosthelytize to anyone, just fixing a plane and playing with kids.” I was BOMBARDED by my Dad’s friends that I had no right to embarrass or correct him, that regardless of what I did there my dad was trying to show how proud he was of me and that I should be thankful for that. Keep in mind guys, I was 26 years old when this happened and had been an aircraft mechanic for 7 years already. This was not some childish shit and I didn’t live under his roof. I ended up deleting FB some years ago, but it grabs a nerve every time I think about it.


Well the problem is that if pressed on it they can always fall back to “God created everything.” So God gave everyone everything. Yes, you worked hard to develop your talent, but you (like everything else) wouldn’t exist if not for God, so he’s indirectly responsible for your ability too.