Google advised mental health care when workers complained about racism and sexism

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When will people learn. HR is there to serve the needs of the company, not the employees.


Suggesting mental health care is really common because it’s a way to shift the blame of the problem to the people affected by it. Like there’s so many people that have diagnosed major depression that have perfectly valid reasons to be depressed all the time.


Tldr: this comment section is a dumpster fire. I read the article, the guy in the photo had a coworker who commented on how they thought his skin wouldn’t be so dark. Guy goes to HR, they do jack all. Goes back at some point and they recommend medical leave and a new position. Don’t just transfer him but instead make him apply…he gets no new offer, so he has to leave. Article goes on to explain that other Google employees go to HR to express concerns about minorities being paid less in the company…HR recommends mental leave…what? Yet Reddit supposedly reads the article and goes “Guy needs to stop being a little bitch”. Do I think his coworker is a local KKK member? No. Is it weird to comment that you thought someone would be less dark? Yeah kinda.


Female coworker once told me: “I’m gonna tell my friends back home that I know a Mexican named Jose and he isn’t a criminal!” Male coworker once said: “You know Jose, I don’t even think of you as Mexican now that I’ve gotten to know you.”


>Each time, human resource personnel recommended the employees take medical leave to address their mental health — *despite their mental well-being having nothing to do with their complaints.* (emphasis mine) That last part of the statement is an assumption that the writer is in no position to make. There are many kinds of mental health issues and sometimes the person complaining is the source of the problem. We don’t know the backstory on these cases, but it is wrong to automatically assume that all complaints are valid, or that they aren’t being exaggerated. Edit: Putting people on mental health leave sounds like a good practice for companies to have, IMO. A lot of workers need it, but won’t make that choice on their own.