Google Pixel 4a has an Astrophotography feature and it blows my mind.

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Wow! Much better than the astrophotography mode on my Pixel 3a. The camera mode on my phone seems it’s gotten worse and worse.


Oooh that’s my phone. I need to try that. I was impressed with Night Mode for dim lighting, but this is a whole other world of possibilities.


I have the 4a too, and love this feature. Use it a lot except for it’s usually cloudy these days. One thing though that really frustrates me is the difficulty of pressing the button to take the photo if you are resting it on a surface as opposed to a tripod. Having a shutter timer would be GREAT.


If you’re in the UK, or can VPN in, Channel 5’s “Gadget Show” had a piece on this.


Hey there, this looks fabulous. What was the total exposure time ?