Gurdeep Singh makes history by becoming first Sikh to win elections in Pakistan Senate

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To be clear, Sikhs have been in the National Assembly of Pakistan for years. Ramesh Singh Arora, Dr Suran Singh etc have been part of various National assemblies. This is the first Sikh in the Senate.


The leader of the opposition in my country is also a Singh. Took over a few years ago from a leader who enjoyed wide chinese-Singaporean support too.


Seeing as how Sikhs have one of the most important and sacred sites in Pakistan, this should turn out to be good.


Congratulations to Gurdeep Singh and my Sikh friends in Pakistan and elsewhere. Representation matters


You can’t help but think that the Sikhs got the worst deal in the Indian partition. Muslim majority areas got autonomy (aside from Kashmir), Hindus got the remainder of the country. But the Sikhs who were also vying for autonomy basically got nothing and had Punjab divided among both India and Pakistan. Their plight reminds me of the Kurds in the middle east.