How to poison the data that Big Tech uses to surveil you | Algorithms are meaningless without good data. The public can exploit that to demand change.

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TL;DR – install AdNauseam I try to make a habit of clicking on ads from companies I hate or products I’ll never buy but I didn’t know about AdNauseam, that’s awesome. Probably not going to solve anything unless it could be activated by default on every browser, but I like it. EDIT: The point of clicking is to make a company I hate pay a little more for advertising. Yeah- google gets that money, but who cares- I made a jerk who was bothering me give their money to another jerk- why not?


I’ve heard VPNs will poison the well. With a VPN suddenly 100 or more people all have the same I.P. address. That’s got to be confusing for the algorithm.


Interesting idea. I have a tough time believing the data scientists at Big Tech can’t just work out a way of defeating any automated tool or browser extension the average consumer has access to. Without regulation, it seems like your only option is a total opt-out, which seems like a real challenge given my current dependence of e-commerce and virtual interactions.


Loved how clicking this particular article generated 3 popups, 1 asking about cookies and another some personal info… the irony..


Bottom up activism is just another means of pawning the blame to consumers instead of doing the ethical thing from the top down. This is similar to consumer recycling campaigns that impact the environment very little compared to enacting stricter environmental regulations. This sort of thing is useful, but it is in no means a panacea. Treat the symptoms but never forget about the cause of the disease.