I captured a video of the space station crossing in front of the moon last week. This is one of the clearest transits I’ve ever captured. [OC]

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The absolute scope of human technology is mind boggling to me. When I was 8 I lived in a town of 500, had never heard of the internet, still had a floppy disk drive in my PC, had a phone key pad on the back and had Encyclopedia Britannica on a 12 disk set. This was 2006. Now at 23 I’m typing on a keyboard that lights up, looking at a video of a human outpost in space. That someone took in their backyard. And on the other monitor I have YouTube video of a robot landing itself on Mars. Wild times


You know you’ve made it when satellites wave at you. Great work.


I want to do this one day. I try to capture a pass (no moon transit) and wow that thing moves so fast.


This is not a picture of the ISS, not enough solar panels. It is most likely a picture of the Chinese space station.