I go to church every Sunday, and all it does is push me farther away from religion.

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Ditto me living in sin with my (het) GF. Choirs are full of atheists. Did you ever hear if it weren’t for gay people, many churches wouldn’t have choir directors?


In high school I worked as an audio tech for a local church, they paid well (for a high school kid). I loved buying weed with that money.


There is something beautifully poetic about a historically homophobic, anti-choice, aggressively bigoted organization separating suckers from their money and using it to pay someone in the LGBT community.


Just take their money and laugh.


I almost had the same problem. I was part of a church choir from when I was 11 until I finished my bachelor’s degree. At first I believed in God. But the older I got, the more I doubted. At first I wanted to leave the choir, but then I noticed that I just love the music. I have not been catholic and my church was very open to everything, so maybe it is not as relatable to your case, but try to see the music as a beautiful thing that gets you through the bullshit. Maybe it helps to keep going until you found another job.