I shot this video of a plasma storm on the sun over about an hour and a half through my solar telescope yesterday!

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I went to a local park yesterday, set up my solar telescope and tracked the sun for about an hour and a half in moderate seeing conditions, taking a picture every minute and a half or so, to produce 60 images. This is what’s called a prominence, or a cloud of hydrogen plasma floating over the surface of the sun, but anchored in place by magnetic fields. You can see even a common feature such as this is so dynamic. This region of the sun is called the chromosphere, and sits above the visible surface. While being less dense than the plasma in the photosphere, it can reach temperatures of 20,000 C or higher! Equipment: * Explore Scientific AR152 * Baader D-ERF energy rejection filter * Daystar Quark Chromosphere * CGX mount * ASI174mm camera


WOW… Fantastic. It’s really amazing to be able to see that.


Curious, what makes the rest of the sun “dark” compared to the edge in your photo/video


I love it!! This is so cool! Blows my mind to think that those plasma clouds are probably larger than the whole planet plus some