If mosquitoes ever evolved to have a silent mode we’d be screwed.

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Both male and female make some buzzing, but we rarely hear the males. Why not? They don’t bite, so aren’t near enough to you for you to hear.


They *are* silent mode, unless your trying to sleep at 3 am


I think the buzzing sound is a natural consequence of their small wings. To be more quiet, they would need larger wings with more surface area so they wouldn’t have to flap as fast. Bigger wings require a bigger body, which in turn will require more blood for nutrients. Congratulations, we now have vampire moths that suck several ounces of your blood while you sleep.


What if a mosquito had evolved to be silent and to not leave a welt, would you even know it existed?


Ngl, Im actually annoyed more by the annoying noise than the bite…. Especially when im tryna sleep