I’m so tired of religion and I don’t know what to do anymore

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That’s exactly how religion propagates – fear. Turn that fear into anger, if it helps, and direct that energy to overcoming those lingering doubts.


How much time do you spend fearing not believing in the other 4,000+ religions? How concerned are you about being sent to Hades? Helheim? What does that tell you? If you saw a post just like this one but is was about being gay instead of atheist, how would you respond to it? Would you tell them to stay in the closet in order to not disappoint their parents? Why should atheism be any different?


You are being gaslit and terrorized into a state of fear. Your anxiety is totally understandable. Get a therapist asap.


If ur worries about the after life think of it this way: If there is a god that sends people to hell to endure eternal suffering if they dont believe in him is he worth following? Why should he make good people suffer for not believing in him?


I feel that the notion of the afterlife is a huge non sequitur. Firstly the survival of the conscious self beyond the current physical state is completely illogical. We know that everything we *are* is a product of our brain. We know that people change, we know that by physically affecting or chemically altering the brain, we can affect, all personality traits. We can induce religious experiences by applying an electric impulse to specific parts of the brain or have two competing personality traits in one brain. To say that there is something extra that can survive the death of the brain tissue is to disconnect that something extra from the essence of the temporal self. If something survives it is not you. Secondly, the notion of heaven is also lacking. Especially if one believes that the soul, the essence of self exists and heaven is one’s reward. Can you feel heavenly if your spouse or a child does not get there? One must believe that if there are a reward and punishment for everyone that some of your loved ones will not get there. Can this be heaven? The Hell is a particularly bad idea. I’ll answer with a few words of one of my favorite comedians: “so if there is hell, there is satan. You murder, rape, steal all your life, and you are damned to Hell. Why would Satan punish you? You’re one of his boys!” Seriously though, if god is all-loving would damn his children to an eternity of suffering? And for what? For not believing? To me, this sounds like an especially evil being, one that is unworthy of worship in the first place. If hell exists, heaven can not, and if heaven exists hell can not. And lastly, where do we take all those beliefs from? An old book scumbled by translations and copies. A book filled with logical, grammatical, and scientific mistakes. A book about a being that is fallible, backward, and stupid. Doesn’t sound like a god to me. More like the human who has written the book. edits: grammar