It’s much easier to let go of the past when you have something in the future to look forward to.

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Maybe its the part cynic in me, but this old saying sometimes bugs me. Like some of us grew up with parents that messed us up so bad that the scars we carry from that abuse will always be apart of who we are, and to dismiss that as blind forward thinking is to sweep that struggle under the rug. That we always have to hear that it will be ok if you just put on a smile and pretend it didn’t happen. Borderline toxic positivity. If moving forward is about forgetting the past when its literally scarred into your soul, then someone didn’t bother to listen to what happened along the way. I think listening to someone’s story is way more constructive over trying to suggest they forget.


Then there the old saying ” the past repeats itself.” This prevents me from looking towards any future. I want nothing to do with my past. I have only screwed things up.


Now that the PS5 is out I can finally divorce my wife


Absolutely true


True, but if your past was manufactured by gaslighting and betrayal it can make it nearly impossible trust that the door to freedom presented before you isn’t another trap.