Katherine Johnson a NASA Legend

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She was a wonderful black contributor to history that would have remained buried to the public at large had it not been for the hidden figures movie. On the same note, they always portray her as darker skinned than she was. I 100% understand that for casting purposes in the movie, it made sense. However, in drawings and animation they do the same. It kind of feels like the same critique for when characters are “lightened” in anime and other animation can be applied to how they “darken” her. She is what her skin color is, feeling the need to change it for the image isn’t something I’m on board with.


Has anyone read the Hidden Figures book? Is it more accurate than the film?


The very sad thing is that i (not an American) had to learn about her from a movie


If I had a dollar for every time this woman’s achievements was overshadowed by people commenting about her skin color… Lol jesus, guys. Wtf is wrong with y’all


She basically landed on the moon all by herself