Largest Dog Meat Auction House In South Korea Closes Following Lady Freethinker Investigation .

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Honest question, if they’re killed humanely, how is this any different to killing pigs for meat, which are also very smart animals?


I think the reason it strikes us as different is that dogs have been bred over thousands of years explicitly to trust and to be companions to humans. I am aware that cows, sheep, chickens and so on have also been domesticated, which means they have also been bred to some extent to trust humans. I just think the cultural association in our minds of dogs as friends not food is very strong. And so it feels like a betrayal of that trust to many people.


Reminder: Pigs are considerably smarter than dogs. Eating dead pigs but being appalled by someone else eating dead dogs is just hipocrisy.


Excellent news


And now the formerly second-largest dog meat auction house in South Korea is the largest dog meat auction house in South Korea.