Lauren Boebert: Congresswoman linked to QAnon attacks Democrats for being ‘obsessed with conspiracies’

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The projection, the complete lack of self-awareness, you gotta laugh, maybe just to keep from crying: she was able to get herself into the House of Representatives, how crazy is that?


Hey kids, feel like your life is going nowhere? Feel like the stress of paying all the bills is too much? Move to some rural district and run for the House of Representatives. MTG left her affluent enclave to move to a district where only 15% of the people have college education. If these two idiots can get elected to the house then so can you! It pays $175k per year


“Trust me I should know!”


I fully expect her to say that the Democrats are deep-cover Republicans next. The levels of psychological projection are off the charts with the GOP


Funny that Ms Boebert said zero about the accusation that she lead tours of the Capitol in the days ahead of the Jan 6th insurrection.