LeBron James joins fight against GOP-led bills that would make it harder to vote

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Lebron James will make a powerful political servant when he retires; he has special capabilities and position to make a difference.


Each of us has to do our part in each state to protect voter’s rights. Call/write/email your Legislators. March and protest against any bill(s) that disenfranchise voter’s. Aply as much pressure as you can to pass the Voting Rights Act. We all have to fight to save democracy. If we allow the white supremacist fascists to rig any more elections by suppressing minority voters our democracy will perish and so too will civil rights. We have to fight!


It doesn’t matter what his other views are right now. Fighting voter suppression RIGHT NOW is what is important and I wish him great success.


this is why we f5, to see Lebron transform into LeAbrams


Just don’t mention China around him…