‘Let the people vote’: Biden signs executive order to expand voting access.

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A step in the right direction but we need the John Lewis Voting Rights Act passed.


In many democracies around the world, a citizen of said democracy is BORN with the right to vote. Just like we get a social security. How are we not doing this? If you are a citizen you should be able to walk to a poll and vote zero problems anytime no additional registration or hoops.


>Biden’s action calls on federal agencies to “consider ways to expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote…” So what is the enforceable thing here? They can “consider” all they want, disenfranchisement will continue regardless. “Considerations” are not mandates and shouldn’t be treated the same. There is no carrot or stick for any states to do anything (except maybe PR, but most are beyond caring about that now).


Frustrating this has to be an executive order and isn’t embraced by the bottom 40%


Does Biden have the authority to make voting day a federal holiday? Ive always thought that’s something he should be seriously considering