LPT: If you feel strongly about a belief, spend hours researching the topic as though you believed the opposite. You might find there are reasonable counters that may help you be more educated or empathetic. At a minimum, you can validate your belief and be more equipped to engage the others.

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It’s sad that this is a rare way of thinking. We have all the information we can wish for, and yet we only look at one side of the argument.


Research should happen before any kind of opinion is formed. I am looking at you reddit.


But see, there are some topics that don’t really have a “valid” other side of the argument in my opinion. I don’t need to spend hours researching why the LGBTQ community should/shouldn’t have equal rights. I know “but…the Bible” is the other side of that argument. Boom. Research done. With that being said, for the most part I agree with you.


To tack on to this; be willing to listen to people who believe the opposite of what you believe and listen with an open mind. At the very least, the other person has a perspective on the topic you have never seen before. They may be “wrong” in their belief, but I guarantee there is some knowledge they have that you were unaware of that will better educate you on the subject.