LPT: If you want to put something off until tomorrow, at least put in the work to know precisely exactly what you need to do first. It’ll not only save you some time tomorrow, but it makes it extraordinarily easier to start the next day while giving you the satisfaction of progress

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Doing some initial prep work also helps a lot. Like moving some stuff away from the windows if you want to clean them tomorrow, opening up some resources and documents if you have to write an essay, collecting all the recycling in one bag and putting it in the hall, or laying out the contacts/ the recipe/ your relevant documentation etc. It’s a reminder you wanted to do the task and somewhat lowers the barrier to actually do it.


I have done this since i was a child.. works for projects not procrastinated as well… its a great way to set yourself up for success when knocking out a big or small project …the mindful practice of the Act is productive self discipline ….


Always think of future you, and know that the future you will thank the past you for stepping up.


LPT is amazing! You learn something new everyday!