LPT: When looking to buy a luxury car, look for elderly owners. They typically keep the vehicle in excellent shape and they are more willing to give it at a fair price when compared to buying a new one off the lot.

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But it’s never run in properly and has spent its life sitting on a driveway


True, I own two preloved cars that have that history. I did still need to break the engine in above 3000rpm though. Also, my elderly parents (75+) own a fricking Jaguar with 200 HP to drive to the supermarket down the street. It will probably (hopefully, because it means it will be years from now) be rusted through before I inherit it, but it’s the school-example of a car that has never seen it’s true potential. SLPT: just ask the salesman, they will tell you if it belonged to elderly people.


While my Camry is not a luxury car, I just bought an 09 Camry with 86,000 miles on it. One owner. They were elderly and never really drove it at all yet kept it well maintained and immaculate on the inside. From now on, I will always buy a used car from an elderly person if possible lol


LPT: buy your luxury car CPO