Missouri pastor slammed for telling wives to ‘lose weight,’ ‘look less butch’ to keep husbands

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Pastor Clark apparently does not own a mirror.


This guy clearly misread his audience. I have relatives in an area similar to this. The men go to church because they were raised that way and they believe, but primarily because their wives are highly involved with the church. The pastor is generally always a man, but the congregation is women-led and the women generally hold the power because they are far more invested in the church. Here comes this guy, telling the people who are MOST INVESTED in his church and his teachings that they need to be a little more attractive, damnit. That’s not going to go over well, even in a highly religious area. These women generally raise kids, keep the house going, help out on the farm, assist in church events, and some work part time jobs. They’re really hard-working women. They won’t appreciate a pastor telling them that they aren’t good enough when they feel like they’ve contributed more important things than just their looks to their families. Plus, most pastors are smart enough to praise them for being hard-working farm wives, because most pastors know who their congregation is made up of.


Cookies and Mountain Dew for communion


Sayeth the Butterball with the “relaxed” clothing style.


>Clark continued to ask why women “let themselves go after marriage” and reiterated that **men only marry for good looks and sex**