Most of us break our bodies and minds in our youth to earn money only to spend it on fixing what we broke near the end

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Damn. I’m in my 5th year of architecture school and this is hitting me hard. I think about the damage I’m doing all the time. Just destroying my brain and neglecting my body spending 0 time on myself. Trying to keep up with everything


I’m not sure about the “only” part here. If you live to be old, you’re body will break down. Probably quicker and worse if you were harder on it in your younger years. But you are unlikely to spend all the money you earned just fixing your broken body. You’ll likely have a life in the middle there. And if you play your cards right, it might all be worth it.


Lifetime Heavy Diesel Mechanic here, like huge Caterpillar mining trucks and dozer type. This is so true. I have a bad shoulder, knee, wrist from using spanners and handtools all my life, eyes adverse to sunglare from years working in the desert and tinnitis from industrial noise. Protect yourself and dont let anyone else make profit at a cost of your body.


Unless you’re born rich. Then you have to worry about breaking other people’s back.


“What is military service?”, Alex.