My father said he ran my credit report and found my net worth and how much i have in my bank account. The hell?

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Your bank account info is NOT in your credit report. Something fishy going on… but it could be as simple as “I looked through your phone while you were taking out the trash.”


It is might be possible since he likely knows all your personal information to get a hold of the information. If he is doing creepy stuff like this then I would call the major credit agencies and put a freeze on your credit. There are tons of stories about parents ruining their children’s credit by taking out loans and credit cards. Best to protect yourself.


I’d simply like to know what the context of they conversation is. Just seems like a super odd conversation for a parent to bring up. Also, while you don’t live together, does he support you? Like are you in school across the country, etc, and listed as a dependent on his taxes?


Never give honest answers to security questions. Use a password manager and treat the security questions as backup passwords. Your mother’s maiden name? K0wabonga Street you grew up on? Mac&Cheese