My Lego Saturn V display

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Great job getting this photo mid-launch. Must have been quite a mess cleaning up the glass, light, ceiling and roof. I’d advise you to do this outside in a field the next time. Regardless, great job!


That way you did the exhaust is absolutely amazing. Really great.


That’s amazing. I have the same display case at home. …oh, and the rocket looks good BTW.


Any links that would help me achieve similar display and effect I already have a set.


We’ve been wracking our brains for a way to display our son’s space lego (& the Saturn V!) and have been struggling. It’s his passion and we want to show it off and this just hit us so hard… it’s amazing!!! May I ask- the wooden stand underneath- is the rocket attached with something? Glue, etc? Or is it just standing? Do you have any photos of how you did that?