My tax preparer didn’t file my 2017 and 2018 taxes. I just found out and now she’s ghosting me, what do I do and what kind of penalties should I expect?

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Contact another tax professional and have them advise you.


Dont just mail in the returns your prior accountant prepared. Have your new accountant review them first. If your old accountant pulled shady crap like not actually filing your taxes, I wouldnt trust their work


How would you hold her accountable, exactly? Are you prepared to sue?


I’d definitely try to get them to waive any fees and just let you pay your back taxes owed. Better the government gets the money owed sans fees than no money at all because you can’t afford the fees. You could call the California franchise tax board and speak to someone and explain your situation to see if they can cut you a deal or let you pay in installments or something. Overall my advice would be to call the FTB and try to work it out. Ask what is owed, ask if you can get fees waived, ask if you can do a payment plan or something if dropping thousands at once isn’t an option.


It does kind of boggle the mind how you didn’t notice you hadn’t received copies of your taxes at the time. And then the next year again you went back to someone who didn’t ever give you the finished product from the year before? You didn’t sign anything to mail in, you didn’t sign anything authorizing the preparer to e-file on your behalf, and you thought your tax returns were filed despite never having received a finished return? I think the normal recourse for fraud would be to sue, but you’d have to be prepared to explain a whole bunch of negligence on your own part that would make your case very hard to believe. I’d focus on getting things straight with the state and feds and probably drop hopes of doing much via lawsuit.