Myanmar careened deeper into crisis Sunday, as police occupied hospitals and universities and reportedly arrested hundreds of people involved in protesting last month’s military seizure of power, while a coalition of labor unions called a strike for Monday

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The Myanmar military had better hit the brakes. They’re quickly approaching the point of pissing off the rest of the country. At which point, they’re going to have to either murder a lot of people or back off.


This is starting to look like it’s escalating to the point where other countries might begin to interfere. Which is extremely dangerous considering that increases the chance of a war. I really, really hope that this ultimately fails, because this will just boost the confidence of the authoritarians already gaining power around the world. Please cry out your support for the people of Myanmar on social media and anywhere else that you can, because it shows that the belief in democracy is still strong.


When will UN & other countries take concrete action to stop the atrocities of Myanmar military ??? Don’t just condemn. Pla send your military to save the Myanmar innocent nations.


They are now shooting real bullets into apartments and houses, destroy cars and other private properties and kidnapping people at night. It’s like a living hell over here. All we can do is protesting until we got shot by some brainless soldier with a gun.


They hacked a politician and his nephew to death with machetes. There are pictures on /r/myanmar (NSFL obv)