Myanmar coup: Party official dies in custody after security raids

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Can the UN not intervene or do they not have the authority to do so?


Those brainwashed pieces of shit “soldiers” should protect their countrymen, not some wrinkled old piece of shit generals whims. I hope someday they feel the full burden of the pain they have caused, and “just following orders” doesn’t cut it anymore.


They got the Epstein Guards on watch over there?


Perhaps the craziest part of this article, and I feel frivolous for saying so, is that supposedly the Hunger Games rebellion gesture is being used by Myanmar citizens. It just feels weird that, that part of literature is now a reality. 21st century is weird. Also does anyone know of a good way for any country to help other than invade the country (which unfortunately has rarely gone well in the past). I mean if it comes to that as an American this is one of the few things I feel willing to volunteer for, but I’d really rather not, and again the US’s attempts to spread democracy abroad have historically left us with more enemies than allies, so I can’t say that anything would turn out differently this time.


And I’m sure they’re going to admit any day now it was a brain hemorrhage caused by a 45.