Nation’s First 3D-Printed Homes for Sale Hit Austin Market – 3Strands is partnering with Austin-based construction technology company ICON to leverage ICON’s proprietary 3D printing construction technology, software, and advanced materials to deliver the two- to four-bedroom homes in Austin.

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Based on the photos, it only looks like the ground floor is 3d printed. Also nothing about prices.


People will figure out a way to price gouge. Always do. This will most likely just be more tech to lower construction cost or the manufacturer, by mainly saving on time. ​ I hate being so cynical sometimes.


And will probably cost 2000% of what it cost to manufacture. It’ll be a fast efficient way to build homes that will cost families a fortune because of HOW they were built. (My guess)


3D printed architecture is a meme for tech news sites to talk about every few years, just like shipping container architecture before it. On the one hand, buildings are more complex than 3d printers can handle in terms of materials and assembly and even if you were dead set on some way to mass-produce homes, the best way would be offsite prebuilt homes, which already exists and is a healthy industry.


Every single post about 3D houses gets shat on, _every single time._ Why? Because changing the way homes are built would _devastate_ a number of industries, and good riddance. We’ve been building homes the same way for hundreds of years. Thank you for coming to my TED talk