New body cam video shows man telling officers ‘I can’t breathe’ before he died in 2017

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Has anyone here even watched the YouTube video of the incident that’s linked in the article. It’s nothing like how the comments nor the headline makes it out to be. The guy has taken 24 times the toxic dose of meth and when the article says ‘acting erratically’ it means he’s literally scraping his head on the concrete harming himself. The symptoms of a meth overdose include trouble breathing and intensely hyper/aggressive behaviour. The restraint was clearly necessary but you see the cops here are genuinely trying to help. They’re talking gently to him trying to calm him down, make adjustments to try to help him breathe better (after the quote in the headline one officer asks ‘can you breathe okay?’ and he says ‘yeah’), and even get a towel out of the car to place on the pavement to stop him scraping his face. The EMTs arrive at the wrong place initially, instructed the cops to keep him restrained on his front and then to sit on the backboard to try and move him to the ambulance. The man died from compression asphyxia which is almost certainly from the pressure put onto the backboard, but that was done under a medical experts guidance with the paramedic at the scene and instructing the officers. I’m all for calling out police brutality, but this is at worst a case of poor judgement by the EMTs who misjudged the fragility of someone overdosing on meth. The article is trying stir up controversy where there isn’t any by taking things out of context and it’s inexcusable. Considering no other comments here have seem to have brought up these things I’m concerned that maybe I’m missing something obvious that completely discredits everything I’ve just said and if that is the case then I’ll change my stance in a heartbeat.


Please read the article and not just the headline.


This should have an intentionally misleading headline tag.


1. This headline is misinformation *at best* 2. Not one single person shouting about mUrDeR in the comments bothered to read the article.


Dig deeper; I guarantee these instances go back MUCH farther than 2017, but most weren’t recorded or were “accidentally erased.”