“Now they must respect us”: A beacon of hope for Africa as Angola bans gay discrimination

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Anyone who thinks a piece of news about the world becoming LESS discriminatory and hostile is “woke politics” might need more than an uplifting news subreddit in their lives. Just saying… Edited to add: this is some basic humanity and dignity stuff and I am glad to see a (still very religious) country take this step. You might even call it…uplifting!


Live and let live


First steps are so underappreciated. Just because this won’t cause instant widespread tolerance doesn’t mean its not a huge milestone to be celebrated. It’s great news and will start a shift in the region, however slow.


*Glances at America* Best of luck, Angola


Was the beacon of hope not started by South Africa? It’s a pity it takes so ling for other countries to follow suite😔 Edit:Long