Nurses prepare for strikes over 1% NHS pay rise in England for 2021-2022

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But we called them heroes a bunch of times! Doesn’t that mean we don’t have to pay them?!


Inevitably: “Don’t they care about their patients?” “It shouldn’t be about the money, its about caring for people” It’s a fucking job.. it’s about the money. Teachers get the same shit.. “it’s a calling”.. it is a fucking job we are both highly trained following years of education and experts in. ‘Caring’ does not mean ‘pay people less’. PAY PEOPLE.


A 1% pay rise is more insulting than getting nothing at all. I hope the strike succeeds for them.


Reminder.. MPs granted themselves an 11% pay rise. (yea, yea ‘independent body did’.. but independent bodies recommend lots of things they routinely ignore)


Shit i just googled how much UK nurses make and compared it to US wages for nurses….adjusted for exchange rates, adjusted for Purchasing Power Parity, and adjusted for taxes ….. UK nurses get paid shit.