One of the reasons companies aggressively ask you to complete satisfaction surveys is so you’ll pour out all the anger over a bad experience with them and not a review site.

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You are a shower sage


I can’t find the article, but the main reason these surveys are used is to read out how satisfied the customer base is *on earnings and company performance reviews* in order to attract investors and/or prove to investors that management will continue to drive profits and payments to investors.


By that logic wouldn’t they also be getting the positive reviews instead of review sites?


Maybe because a lot of reviews are: “Loved the food, excellent service, excellent location and prices, I spilled bbq sauce on my new pants. 1/5 stars.” Then the business suffers because Susan can’t eat like a civilized human.


Ya well google regularly asks me how it was, I think I’m up around 2k reviews, maybe more as I do not really delve deep into my stats except when it gives some random award.