Pelosi on voting rights bill debate: ‘Politicians shouldn’t be choosing their voters’

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GOP choosing their voters has led to a negative feedback loop of radicalization, the safer the districts become the more extremist gain influence. Gerrymandering is literally tearing society apart.


Pelosi, that’s not the republicans’ argument. They say that improving voting laws will allow more illegal immigrants to vote. The Republican argument is easy to tear down. It’s very simple to address. Just say “we aren’t extending that right, and the new standards will help prevent that from happening even more accurately than before”. Publicly denounce THAT statement, don’t just argue past them.


THIS is the MOST important thing next to Citizens United that Democrats need to force through these fascist Constitution fucking republican assholes


I’m always astounded to be listening to the news and hear reporters casually mentioning in even tones that Republicans in multiple States are proposing legislation to disenfranchise voters in one way or another. The weather report is announced with more feeling and projection than the cancellation of representative government.


The biggest conflict of interest around us that elected officials too often have the power to determine how elections are held.