People who keep creeping forward at red lights are the slowest to react to the light turning green

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The worst is being stuck in the back of Uber / cab where the driver, presumably on stimulants, won’t stop pumping the brakes. Dude, you’re not going to get there any faster!


Not if you’ve watched any fast and furious movie..


I will say, watching dashcam videos has made me not want to be first off the line since there seems to always be a car coming across traffic through a red at 50.


It’s tough to react to the green light when your car is under the light.


The worst is when you’re trying to make a right turn, but the idiot next to you keeps creeping forward blocking you from seeing if it’s clear to turn. Like, seriously! If you’re at a red light going straight, you can’t yield! Creeping into the intersection does nothing but make it unsafe for the car that can yield at a right turn lane!