People with higher incomes tend to feel prouder, more confident and less afraid, but not necessarily more compassionate or loving, finds a new study from 162 countries (n=1.6m). “Greater wealth may not contribute to building a more caring and tolerant society.”

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I never made the assumption that having more money makes you more generous. There are some outliers out there but let’s be real, this isnt s stereotype.


What surprises me is why would they even believe this is something worth double checking. I don’t think a person on earth believed that the more money you have makes you more tolerant.


You cannot draw this conclusion from that paper. This is a perfect example of how you use science for politics. And it’s evil. It makes people distrust science and distrust those who talk about science. “Having more money does not necessarily make a person more compassionate” That’s true. It doesn’t necessarily make someone with more money less compassionate either. I don’t trust scientists who are engaged in this kind of practice. It seems like they have an agenda to validate in the name of science. They open themselves up to science for hire.


Any pizza delivery dude could tell you rich people are worse tippers than the poors.


Ever seen someone sad on a jet ski? Didn’t think so