Reddit, what is the most cliche message you’re just sick of hearing?

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I’m starting to dislike companies saying “in these unprecedented/uncertain times”. It’s so blatant and phony, why is a company trying this hard to relate to me? Just make the product. Can’t wait until the pandemic dies down so I don’t have to keep hearing that shit.


“Why is no one talking about _____??” Because we are all bombarded by incredible amounts of information on a daily basis and busy living our individual lives. stop guilting people for not talking about something they had no idea about previously.


Your call is important to us.


“Money doesn’t buy happiness”. As a person who has spent most of my life being poor, I can say I’m tired of this saying because yes technically, money doesn’t buy happiness, but having a lot of money can afford for me to take awesome vacations, get rid of my debts, allow me to be able to afford and get things I like and be able to use stuff like that to make me happy. I rather live the rich life than the poor life any day. Lots of stress removed and life becomes just a little bit easier


“Your safety is our top priority.” No it isn’t. Profits and shareholders are.