Rights groups call for investigation into killings of Philippine activists

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Duterte is a murdering rapist… So many Filipino people in my community support him, it looks similar to the Trump effect, I don’t get it


Yesterday, there was another thread about Duterte’s promise to kill communist rebels, and many comments went out of their way to say that “he’s right you know”. I hope this reminds people that even if we have a *communist rebellion problem*, the government will *always* use its power to remove *everybody else* who is inconvenient to the status quo. Even worse is that Duterte and his supporters would also say that his regime would be friendly towards these activists, unlike the *previous liberal/yellow regime*. What a scam. There are many comparisons to Trump, but I’d argue that Duterte is way worse and should be treated as his own thing, and not the “Trump of the East”. Besides his anti communist viewpoints, there’s a lot of gray areas regarding Duterte and Filipino society. For example, we’re not nearly as right wing as “91% of Filipinos support Duterte” would like you to believe. Another thing worth considering is that Duterte has already praised the NPA (communist rebel group) multiple times in the past to gain support from the left, before declaring them as threats after he deemed them *expandable* after the 2016 election. Duterte often uses left-wing rhetoric as a means of promoting himself, and his fanbase and the common Filipino follow suit. You will find strong support for universal healthcare and free tuition for students in this country. This isn’t to say that what he’s doing is wrong, the problem comes down to activists and labor leaders. Duterte has done something unusual to Filipino society: He has made short-circuited activism and criticism of the government. *We don’t need it anymore because Duterte IS the progressive leader we’ve always wanted.* That mindset is why killings like the ones today are supported by most people. *Who needs those damn leftists anyway, we got Duterte to do give us all the (totally not socialist) things that we want.* Ask the common Filipino and they’ll tell you what I just said. TLDR: Duterte is a killer, dishonest and probably a psycopath but also “out-lefted” the Philippine left and progressives, that’s why the masses think these killings are good for improving the country.


I work in healthcare and a lot of Phililpinos workers I work with love this guy even though they have not lived in the Phillipines for 15-20 yrs. I don’t get it


What most western countries consider political recruiting and campaigning for candidates you want to elect the Philippines views as terrorist attempting to organize and overthrow the government. Red labeling is a form of fascism. Thousands of people were murdered during arrest because they were labeled “drug dealers”, now they are turning that against anybody they view as political challengers by calling them “terrorist”. Rodrigo Duterte is a mass murderer of his own people, there is no hope for that country until he is removed from power.


He sold the country to China. Filipinos are screwing themselves by praising him.