Scallion Hua Juan! They’re Chinese steamed flower buns – quite soft but still have a slight bite, savoury and flavoured with chopped scallions

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These are so cute! They look like little balls of yarn 😀


I thought I was on the knitting sub – I want to knit these into a hat and then eat the hat!


these are sooooo good! used to get them all the time at the asian market


Those look amazing! I just read through your recipe and I have a question: they have to be steamed, but as far as I understand this usually means a special steamer for recipes like this. Do you think the recipe would still work if I only have a basket steamer? Like, one of those that stands over a normal pot of boiling water, the kind you use to steam vegetables? Apologies if I’m just being dense and that’s what you did use, I’ve just never made anything like this before!


Like steamed spaghetti buns just waiting to be dipped in soy sauce. I love it!