“Stock market is flipping out because the 10-year yield has gone up a bit pretty fast. But a longer-term chart of the 10-year treasury yield tells a slightly different story:”

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Lol, chart starts in ‘65


Look numbnuts, the bond yields have to constantly go down as the world is piling up so much debt that the pyramid would have fallen down long ago if they weren’t. The issue is that we have now reached the psychological levels of 0 so the question is can they continue permanently into negative areas? They will never get even to the level of ~4% unless we reset the entire financial system, which would be a crisis that the world has never seen in history. All in all, a rise from ~0,5% to 1,5% is a large increase, which is expected to cause some selloff in the stock market.


What point are you trying to make? That bond yields are not going up very quickly? The 10 yr went from a little over 0.5% in July to over 1.5% now. So rates have nearly tripled in a little over 7 months. They are up by about 70% in 2021 alone.


Do the same long-term graph with any of the stock market indices and you’ll see that the market isn’t exactly flipping out either.


When in doubt, zoom out