Study of over 79k people showed that adherence to a Mediterranean diet had a larger impact on mortality than weight

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**Combined associations of body mass index and adherence to a Mediterranean-like diet with all-cause and cardiovascular mortality: A cohort study** From the discussion: >In this large, population-based cohort analysis of middle-aged and older men and women, obese individuals with high adherence to a Mediterranean-type diet did not experience the increased overall mortality otherwise associated with high BMI, although a higher CVD mortality remained. However, lower BMI did not appear to counter the elevated mortality associated with a low adherence to a Mediterranean-like diet: individuals with a low mMED score retained an increased mortality even with a normal BMI. These results indicate that adherence to healthy diets such as a Mediterranean-like diet may be a more appropriate focus than avoidance of obesity for the prevention of overall mortality.


The BMI has been shown to have problems, and is not a very good measure of adiposity. An opportunity was missed by not measuring WHR or WHtR.


So give it to me straight Mediterranean diet =good?