Suntrust Bank took all our money! What do we do?

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You tripped their security program. They will never tell you why and won’t reinstate your account. They’ll send you your money. Find a new bank.


This typically happens when some activity happens in an account that looks suspicious or indicative of criminal activity such as money laundering. Unfortunately “false positives” happen from time to time, which leaves people screwed unless they have other financing resources (e-fund, a HELOC, etc.) When “suspicious activity” like this is detected the bank is literally not allowed to discuss anything with you at all pending further investigation – it’s a law enforcement matter. Nor will anyone say why they thought your account raised red flags, because they don’t want real crooks to know the methods either. You’ll find legalese in the account agreement you signed that makes all of this totally legal, I’m afraid. Assuming nothing amiss is found you should eventually get the money back although exactly when is an open question.


Folks… this is exactly why most advocate for having at least two separate bank/credit union accounts.


It sounds like someone in the bank submitted a “suspicious activity report” on your account. Federal law prohibits them from notifying you about that fact, and can’t acknowledge the existence of such a report. I work in the technology side for a bank and can only guess based on my yearly trainings. Best guess would be you need a court subpoena to get access to that report.