Swiss ‘burka ban’ poised for a tight victory

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The Swiss are very Nationalistic and largely conservative. In one Canton (Appenzel), women only got the vote in 1990. I’ve seen really racist and xenophobic political posters here. They’re not hateful people though, they feel like their culture is threatened. Their Nationalism is very deeply ingrained. My Swiss wife received a Swiss Army knife from her town when she turned 18, as did all 18 year olds. Their economic success is largely due to them behaving like they’re an island. My Swiss wife literally feels guilty if we hop over the border to do shopping in Germany where it’s far cheaper. The young generation are largely liberal and don’t support the ban. But there are a fuck load of old people here. They live forever. Edit:spelling


It’s kinda funny seeing news about your own country cause it’s never as big a deal at home as it is abroad. I voted No on the face covering one, but there’s a few good arguments for Yes, namely that the Burqa is not popular in the Muslim world and is banned in some Muslim majority countries. But I still found the idea of liberalism to be more important. We don’t react to votes here like presidential votes abroad. It’s more of a “check the results in the gondola between skiing…oh ok good/shame…moving on”. I’m very thankful that we have this system and that politics is normalized and not some crazy once every few years type thing that divides the country.


Never understood people defending symbols of oppression. Strange reality we live in. Imagine if christians demanded women all dress like nuns. Banning burkas should be a call for celebration.


There seems to be two main trains of thought about this ban among left-leaning people, and I think it makes an interesting distinction between a person holding liberal views versus a person holding progressive views. The liberal viewpoint would be that this law infringes on the religious right on Muslim women to wear what they want to wear in accordance with their own beliefs. The progressive viewpoint is in favor of the ban as historically dress codes are enforced in Muslim households and women are forced to wear the clothing, making it oppressive and harmful. For me, I don’t like using law to enforce my beliefs upon others and ao I am against the ban. It does nothing to punish the oppressors – just the women who would be in violation of the law. I’m also against infringing on someone’s religious rights. It’s like banning the Amish from wearing their traditional conservative clothing. I disagree with the religion for controlling like that, however I respect the right of the people following that religion to do what they want.


Just ban all religious symbolism from public spaces and be done with it. No more crucifix, no more kippah. Make churches, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship pay full taxes so they are now fully private. No more special treatment. Ban it all, please.