Texarakana man found with hundreds of child pornographic images to serve 10 years in prison

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Child porn and a Texas prison? He’s gonna die


And more importantly….. where is the effort to stop those CREATING this horrendous stuff.


I got 5 years for selling 14 grams of marijuana in Iowa. The law is literally telling me it’s better to have child pornography because next time I’ll surely get 3rd or subsequent which is 2 years and habitual offender which is 15 years all because a got caught with less than an eighth 3 times prior. You will literally serve more time for a plant that can’t kill you.


Lmfao thought Texarankana was some kinda Texas Arkansas dual residency hybrid edit: i am dumb


10 fucking years! People with simple possession of marijuana are serving 20+ years. Nobody fucking cares about protecting children.