The first real-world data for COVID vaccines is in – and it’s really good news

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The Israeli study was pretty stunning. I’m quoting these from memory, so forgive me if they’re not spot on, but in a population of 610,000 vaccinated people, only around 600 got infected. By contrast, a population of 530,000 unvaccinated had over 20,000 infections. And in that group of 600, the serious cases were in the single digits.


I remember a few months ago everyone was doom and gloom on reddit telling me we would never have a coronavirus vaccine despite the mRNA ones already being effective in clinical trials.


I hope this is true but as an Australian understand the SMH would print that their own paper went out of business if it polled that doing so would bump sales up


Hoping the vaccine is improved. Based on projected effects from the USAs treatment, they’re going to have a sort of diminishing returns effect with their vaccine, and I’d rather not see the virus turn into a seasonal flu shot. Its gotta be eraricated.