The head of an organized crime syndicate realized his accountant had been skimming money from him for years.

Unfortunately the accountant only spoke Russian. So the boss hired a Russian interpreter and busted into the accountant’s home. He tells to the interpreter, “tell him I want to know where my money is, AND I WANT TO KNOW RIGHT NOW!!” The interpreter conveys the message in Russian and the accountant responds. The interpreter says, “he says he don’t know what you’re talking about.” At that point the boss takes out a gun and holds it to the accountant’s head. “Tell him if he gives me my money, I’ll let him live. If he doesn’t, I’ll SPLATTER HIS BRAINS ON THE WALL RIGHT NOW!” Again the interpreter conveys the message. The accountant, now scared out of his wits replies in Russian, “It’s in safe deposit box 85 at first National bank! The key is in a cigar box in my basement! All $482,000 is still there!” The interpreter stands there quiet for a moment, then finally shrugs & says to the boss “he says you don’t have the balls.”

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Maybe it’s just me, but I’d prefer to hire an accountant with whom I share a language. Helps avoid situations like this.




Why not shoot ’em both? That way, no witnesses.


I don’t get it 🙁 Can someone explain?


Just a higher amount so you don’t have to work again 😂