The Robots Are Coming for Phil in Accounting – Workers with college degrees and specialized training once felt relatively safe from automation. They aren’t.

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People have no chance. My firm (F500, >$20B) just laid off virtually all accountants below manager level. All my friends still in public accounting (Big Four) are afraid to jump now even as their own positions get steadily automated or sent to India. It’s surreal knowing your kids have no chance of ever having your career, or feeling that in 5y or less, your job may also be gone. I wish I had time to become an EMT via night school. We need UBI or socialism. A lot of freedoms in the west came after the black plague made individual laborers extremely valuable — now that labor is becoming worthless, what use do the rich have for keeping 99% of people around?


Some of these industries are just people managing people managing people managing numbers. It’s not that AI will make them obsolete, it’s that one well written algorithm could remove an entire high rise buildings worth of jobs right now. It’s like saying nuclear weapons are a direct threat to your life when only one person needs a grenade.


Every job can be done by a machine. The only question is whether it is cheaper to have a human do it.


be me be programmer be lucky computers suck at coding


At some point, automation will nullify all the jobs and working will be a thing of the past.